12/31 | New Year’s Eve


{ top: wet seal / skirt: urban outfitters / tights: gift / shoes: MIA Girl from DSW / necklace: J.C. Penny / bracelet: shop in Charlottesville / totally badass hat: made by me }
Since this blog is a New Year’s resolution, I thought it would be fitting to start it off with what I wore to my family’s New Year’s Eve party. Ever since I got a pair of heeled desert boots for Christmas, I’d been creating outfits in my head to wear them with, including the bottom half of this one. The bright raspberry punch of these tights made it necessary to tone down the rest of the look, so I went all black with grey accessories.
While contemplating possible NYE outfits, I was also on the lookout for something totally blinged-out in sequins. What I really wanted was a dress. I mean, when else can you drape yourself head-to-toe in sequins and jewels and not look like a misplaced trust-fund baby? Unfortunately, I don’t go to enough events to justify the purchase so I went with a close second and got a sequined top. The end result: best of both worlds.
To (literally) top it off, my aunt has a tradition of making crazy, over the top hats for New Year’s and, being the narcissist that I apparently am, I made a pear-swathed tiara.
Among the distinguished guests at the party were Lauren of Veg:ology and the Fanboy Dreamboat, Jess. (gratuitous plug much?)
Mid-soiree I made a quick costume change:
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