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My greatest addictions–not food related–are the internet and clothes. The two first came together my sophomore year of high school as I spent hours I didn’t have scouring street fashion websites of the Harajuku and raver variety. 9th-12th grades were a turbulent time for me fashion-wise. Maybe when we get to know each other better I’ll share some photos. After that, I lost track of the internet fashion scene while I focused on school.
Things changed when my mom and I began to plan our trip to Europe. Suddenly, there was no way my closet would cut it in Barcelona or Paris. Panicked, I scoured the internet for advice on how to dress while on my trip. I just had to look amazing inParis! I couldn’t show my face in one of the fashion capitals looking like an American tourist. While I was searching the terms “Paris, style, and outfit,” I happened upon the personal style blog of one Jessica Quirk. And everything changed.
I’d never heard of a ‘personal style blog’ and was amazed. There it was, a real woman with real style, not some runway waif wearing couture. From then on, I had a new addiction. I blazed through 60+ of Jessica’s posts over the next two days. From there I discovered The Glamourai, Kendi, The Classic Case, and many more.
Inspired, I decided to try my hand at blogging. Unfortunately, when you have no job and live 30 minutes from civilization, there’s very little motivation to wear anything but leggings, sweatshirts and pjs. And while that might be good livin’, it was not good reading, and the blog died.
A few months after Carissa’s-style-blog v1.0 went dark, I got a job in a real office. And, luckily, I got a boss that didn’t care what I wore as long as I kept it respectable. Thus my personal style journey began anew. As part of my 2011 resolutions, I began to chronicle my daily outfits again, and now that I have a month’s worth of photos to get me started, I present to you:
bits&bows, the personal style blog and home of random thoughts relating, and tangent to, fashion, clothing, style and beauty; as written by a Richmond(adjacent) graphic designer.
What I hope to get out of this blog is that I keep it true to myself and maybe pass on that style ‘a-ha!’ moment I had to someone else. Will I ever wear a turban-style headwrap? Probably not. Dress like an 11-year-old schoolboy? It’s a distinct possibility.
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