01/10 | Just call me the Brawny Man

{ top: J.C. Penny, cardigan: NY and Co., jeans: Old Navy, boots: J. Crew wearhouse sale }
As many of these posts will be, this outfit was worn to work. The thermostat for our office is not attached to our actual room, so the temperature is a bit schizophrenic. Layers are essential—cardigans have become my new best friends.
I can’t complain about my schedule, I have it pretty easy. But it seems to be a fundamental rule of my life that, no matter what time I have to be somewhere, I will be scrambling to get ready up until the last minute. As a product of my dilatory nature, I am attracted to pieces that can make an outfit special with minimal work. My frilly lumberjack top fit the bill.
The great thing about ruffles is that they can make an outfit work or date appropriate; even if those ruffles are made of jersey fabric and feel like you’re wearing a cloud. When I first spotted this blouse in a magazine ad, I was expecting it to be something akin to what you’d find in J. Crew. But really, its a soft long-sleeve top with ruffles attached. With the bold red color peeking out from underneath my black cardigan I felt both cozy and special.
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2 thoughts on “01/10 | Just call me the Brawny Man

  1. vegology says:

    I adore ruffles for work. I always feel like they “pretty up” the menswear inspired outfits in my office wardrobe.

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