L.A. Ahoy!

Ok, so I’m not really sailing to California per-se, but flying by airplane doesn’t have awesome slang like “Ahoy!” and “Matey” and “Poop Deck.” But the big picture here is that I’m flying out to L.A. tomorrow morning for Mike’s sister’s wedding. We’re staying for a week and a half and touring the state, driving from L.A. up to San Fran, with lots of stops in-between.
What I’ve been most excited about (besides the weather and the wedding) is that, since starting my journey into style blogging, I’ve learned a lot about making many outfits from a few pieces. I’m sad to report that when I went on my 2 and 1/2 week trip to Europe, I packed separate outfits, rather than a bag of mix-and-match pieces. This considerably restricted the amount space I had in my suitcase.
Not so this time! My suitcase is chock full of mix-and-matchy goodness. What helped the most (other than my mom curating the piles of clothes I had) was to lay out on my bed every dress, jean, short, tee and belt that I was considering. By doing that, I could see if there was a basic harmony amongst the pieces. Of course, I made sure there were a few surprises (hello, magenta zebra-striped cardi!) to keep my outfits from drowning in the black, blue and grey void my closet has mysteriously become.
I am expecting that all of this excitement will translate into blog posts over the course of the trip.
All we can do is hope, right?

Let me know what you think!

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