3/18 | Just call me Mrs. Mraz

{ hat: American Eagle (bought off my sister), sunglasses: Knockabout, jacket: Target, dress: Target, belt: Target }
The title of this post was directly influenced by a comment Mike made, saying that with my hat and glasses, I look like Jason Mraz. As long as he didn’t mean I had a big nose too, I’ll take it as a compliment.
Mike and I took advantage of the being so close to the beach and took a leisurely stroll down the coast. Unfortunately the wind made it a bit chilly, and the water was like ice, so we couldn’t partake in the usual beach activities. But it was still beautiful.
I bought this dress just for the trip (my only purchase of the kind) and as those who know me best will attest to, I was impatient to wear it. To be honest, I’ve been planning this particular outfit since I bought the dress. I wanted to add a pop of color to my very blue-toned outfit with my new skinny magenta belt. For such an extreme color, this belt seems very versatile to me. I think it’s because the belt is thin, so it doesn’t overwhelm a look. This is the first outfit I’ve worn it with, so I guess time will tell if I’m right.





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