In a Yellow Wood

vest: gift from mom
dress: Forever21
lipstick: Covergirl in Flame
oxfords: DSW

Mmmm, it feels good to be back from my long hiatus. The reason for my absence is that sometime after my trip to Cali I lost my camera’s remote. Sadface. And because I don’t live with my honey I take all my own photos, which is practically impossible with out a remote. It involves a lot of running back and forth, and heels + carissa-coordination + running = a broken face. I’d love to hear some tips from any other lone fashion bloggers on how you take your photos without someone behind the camera!

Ok, so onto the real reason you’re here (at least I hope it is!). I sorta stumbled on this outfit mix while I was putting away some clothes. This vest in particular has been in my closet for 10 or so years. It was a gift from my mom back before I was stylish enough to appreciate it. That’s always how it is with moms. Its moments like this that make me such a pack-rat, because it reenforces my fear that eventually I’ll love that skirt I’ve never worn in 15 years.

I wish the detail shots turned out better (casualty of the remoteless-ness) because this lipstick is FIERCE! Its a great combination of fuscia, coral, and red. Bright, without being obnoxious.

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2 thoughts on “In a Yellow Wood

  1. vegology says:

    Come over and take photos at my place *honey*. If you take my food photos, I’ll take your fashion photos.

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