Summer Slump

oxford: thrifted Polo
jeans: Urban Outfitters
 Old Navy
necklace: gift

The blogging gods are not smiling down on me right now. Yesterday, I had a totally cute outfit on, but didn’t get home until it was dark, and today I woke up 10 minutes before I had to go to work. And instead of throwing on a dress (instant polish!) I wore jeans. In 100 degree heat. Sign me up for MENSA.

So instead of today’s outfit, I’ll share with you another genius day last week when I wore jeans AND a long sleeve shirt. At least this time I looked good.

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One thought on “Summer Slump

  1. vegology says:

    Get out of yo slump! I demand wardrobe inspiration! I’m taking your picture on Wednesday, like it or not, so you better make it a good outfit day. We need to take advantage of our southern urban landscape as a backdrop.

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