White (and back) Stripes

date 08-04-2011
dress: H&M
sandals: RackRoom
jacket: Target
necklace: World Market

I wore this a couple weekends ago when we had a night of perfect weather and Mike asked me out on a date for sushi and dollar movies at The Byrd. We saw Thor, which counts as a romantic movie in my book! Sorry for the squints! I was super sunny out and I forgot my shades.

This necklace was a surprise find at World Market. My mom and I went in to get Hell or High Watermelon beer and stumbled on the jewelry section. They actually have a lot of cute boho/global items. The kind of look my mom and I refer to as “Bones-y jewelry” i.e. accessories like Dr. Brennan wears on Bones.

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3 thoughts on “White (and back) Stripes

  1. Wow that dress is amazing and looks great with the denim! I’m a huge fan of black and white stripe, in fact I’m just about to start making a handbag for myself with some fabric I’ve had stashed away. Lovely necklace too 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    seriously. this dress, with that jacket – genius.

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