Boots & Boys

date 08-23-2011
button-up: thrifted
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Old Navy
leather cuff: gift/local artisan

Oooooh, look. We’re back to regular posting! Besides finally getting back on track with the blog, today was a great day for three reasons:

1. I got my haircut with the best stylist ever. Seriously, if you are in Richmond, and need a new stylist, I’ve got the girl for you. She’s given me my favorite two cuts I’ve ever had.
2. I got to go out to dinner with Mikey. And we went to Capital Ale House. And it was Steal the Glass Night. Now I’ve got an awesome Starr Hill Brewery pint glass.
3. I wore my badass biker boots from Old Navy that I picked up this weekend on my bloody mary-induced shopping spree with Lauren and Jess.

Surprisingly, it was pretty difficult to style these boots in a work-appropriate manner. The only outfits I could come up with involved loose white tees and denim cutoffs, which are a little too rocker casual, even for my creative office.

I do have an outfit in mind that involves these boots and a cream-and-black polkadot blouse, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s post to find out if it worked.

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4 thoughts on “Boots & Boys

  1. Susan says:

    The hair is adorable! The earthquake wasn’t one of the best things that happened to you today?!?

    • Carissa says:

      Thanks! Glad you like the hair, I was thinking that it was looking a lot shorter in these pics. And I’m not sure the earthquake was the best per-se, but it was definitely the most exciting. I was actually shaking for a good 5 minutes after I got back to my desk.

  2. vegology says:

    Badass boots. I’m jealous you went to steal the glass! I was thinking about it at lunch today but when I got early dismissal from work I got my ass out of the city and onto my couch,

    • Carissa says:

      Lol, I would totally have done the same thing. We were just lucky that the Ale House was on the way back from my hair appointment. Mike even though that steal the glass was on Wednesdays.

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