Stolen Jewels (take two)

date 08-29-2011

blouse: Target
 Old Navy
sandals: RackRoom
necklace: Mom’s jewelry box
earrings: self-made

NOTE: Sorry about the repost, but I just couldn’t let that last one stay up here. It read like it was written by a sugar-high 6-year-old. I swear, I need a proofreader for these posts some most times. So let’s try this again.

Ok, so the necklace isn’t made of jewels, per se, but I did nick them from my mom’s jewelry cabinet, so there you go.

I recently got this top on sale at Target after seeing Elaine of Clothed Much wearing a similar army green shirt. The blouse is super comfy, but still looks stylish which is what every girl is looking for, am I right? It’s nice to see the front-tuck of the early 2000s coming back. Anyone else remember doing that in elementary/middle school?

I wish I were more stoked about the bottom half though. I think some kind of heel could have saved it, but because I have the grace of a newborn giraffe, I often find myself opting for flats when I’m in a hurry.

I think I’ll try pairing this blouse tucked into a pencil skirt next time. Any one have combinations you’d like to suggest for this top?

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2 thoughts on “Stolen Jewels (take two)

  1. Breckenridge Clare says:

    I’m in love with the laid back chic feel of this outfit! 🙂 the top is definitely a favorite of the set 🙂

  2. vegology says:

    I can totally relate to your newborn giraffe comment. I wish I could pull off heels every day because they look so much better, but flats are just so much easier!

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