Fashion’s Night Out (sorta)

date 09-08-2011

necklace: gift
top: Target
jeans: Nordstroms
heels: Payless

Tonight was Fashion’s Night Out at Short Pump Town Center, and it was a wet one! So much so that the FNO staff and guests seemed to melt away after an hour. I went into H&M for 45 minutes and suddenly everyone was gone!

But I did get to meet the wonderful Breckenridge Clare who was amazing to talk to. She was so friendly, helpful and stylish! (I’m so sorry I look psychotic in the picture you took of us! But you look great.)

image copyright Breckenridge Clare

And I hung out with two of my favorite people, running around in the rain, oogling clothes we can’t afford, and changing the desktops on the Apple store computers. Thanks girls for hanging out with me despite the rain and your own exhaustion!

I can tell you that it was very stressful to dress for an event where there would be other style bloggers in attendance. Suddenly everything wasn’t good enough. In the end, I went with a sorta 70s-inspired outfit. The jeans were 50 lbs heavier by the end of the night because of all the rain.

We had a bit of a mishap during our photo session (I promise it wasn’t my fault):

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One thought on “Fashion’s Night Out (sorta)

  1. Jess Weiss says:

    The saddest part of that picture of Lauren and me is that I look drunk, waist face drunk, but I’m not. At all. I’m stone cold sober. Just exhausted. I had an awesome time with you ladies and it was great running between rain showers. Now if only the world was ready for an all plaid suit 🙂 Glad you found some cute items, can’t wait to see them on your blog!!

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