Hello World!!

image source: littleremindersoflove

I know the “I’ve been away, but now I’m back!” posts aren’t the most interesting to read, unless the hiatus was for some dramatic reason (it wasn’t). So I’ll spare you the long hello and just tell you that I’m really excited to get back to blogging! I guess the biggest difference between the blog as it was and the blog going into the future is that I now have a full-time job at a creative marketing agency, which now gives me the new challenge of dressing for a creative/business environment.

Now on to the real reason you’re here (at least I hope it is!)

top J. Crew (similar)  //  jeans Old Navy  //  shoes Urban Outfitters (similar)

I wore this last week for ‘casual Friday,’ but really I feel that it could work during the work week, with the addition of heels and a blazer. The beauty of the culture in my office is that we really just have to dress in a way that wouldn’t embarrass us in front of our vendors and clients. A lot of creative and professional companies (mostly in the graphic design and fashion worlds) don’t have a policy forbidding jeans Monday thru Thursday, and it’s really only a matter of how you style them. Just no baggy tees. Leave those for the weekend!


5 thoughts on “Hello World!!

  1. LOVEE your pants!! This is such a simple but chic look, love it!!

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