Family Perks

Bits&Bows // Family Perks 001
tee Old Navy // cardigan Old Navy  //  skirt handmade by mom (with fabric from Ufab) //  shoes Old Navy
Btis&Bows // Family Perks 003

Isn’t this the most fantastic skirt ever!? My mom surprised me when I came home this weekend with a yard or so of this great navy-and-white damask patterned fabric. Then she kicked up the awesome-meter a notch by offering to sew me a skirt (she’s the best isn’t she?). We loosely based the pattern on a paper-bag style skirt we saw at j. crew. Made it more work-friendly by sewing it more like a pencil skirt. The most comfortable pencil skirt EVER that is.

I’m so lucky to have a mom who can sew AND who works at a kick-ass fabric store here in Richmond. If you’re ever in the area, go check out Ufab.

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