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Cali | Fish Tacos

As the week goes on, I’d like to share a few other bits from my trip to California that aren’t fashion related.
The first thing I want to talk about is my quest for the best fish taco. I’m not sure where I got the idea that if I was going to be in southern California, I had to seek out a fish taco. Maybe it was my mom, who used to live in Corona del Mar, or perhaps it was something I learned from Hollywood (I’m told there’s a scene in I Love You Man when Paul Rudd goes to get fish tacos with Jason Segal). Whatever the reason, it was the first thing I ate when I got here.
There is a small Mexican restaurant across the street from where Mike and I are staying, and as soon as we could break away, we made a beeline for it. Lo and behold! There they were on the menu: Fish Tacos. I ordered one and dug in.

Fish Taco!

And I can tell you, it was delicious! I was worried that it would taste too fishy, but it wasn’t. I also enjoyed the addition of tartar sauce instead of sour cream.
Although this meal was good, I’m looking forward to trying some at a place a few blocks down that has ‘fish taco’ in the name and a decidedly grungy feel to it, with surf stickers covering every window surface. I think of it as the equivalent of my dad’s search for the perfect greasy spoon; delicious food, but the chairs might give you tetanus.