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A small change in pace

Sorry about the two random posts! I am working on a new element to the blog that involves Polyvore, and it seems to have gone a bit nuts.

As for the new segment on the blog, I was thinking that, rather than going AWOL on the days that life gets in the way of photographing my daily looks, I’d do some Polyvore sets. For example, remixing one item 3 ways, themed outfits, or looks that incorporate recent trends.

And on days I’m just really unhappy with what I came up with, I would do a post called “Wish I Wore,” where I post what I wore, why it doesn’t work, and a set that utilizes one or more of the items from that outfit in a better way.

Would any of you have interest in reading posts like that?

Just for fun, here’s a set of what I wore today, since I was running errands from 12-7 and didn’t get back until after dark:


date 09-23-2011

top: Target
 Old Navy
shoes: Old Navy
necklace: Handmade paper bead necklace / gift

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