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Put a pin in it

dress Forever 21 (similar)  //  blazer H&M (similar)  // belt Marshalls (similar)
Old Navy (similar)  //  bracelet Shopthelook.net (similar)

I’m gettin’ all fancy with the twirlin’

This outfit was directly inspired by the most popular pin in my whole Pinterest account. When I first noticed all the pins, I couldn’t figure out why, what is essentially a drive-by shot in an Urban Outfitters, was so well-liked. But having worn my own version, I totally see it now. It’s such a versatile look, it just depends on how many sundresses and blazers you have! This also infinitely expanded my work wardrobe and it lets me wear all the summer dresses I’ve been missing since starting corporate life.

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Challenge Accepted

Old Navy  //  blazer H&M (similar) //  pants Old Navy  //  shoes DSW (similar)

Per a comment request (from Lauren), I paired my hot pink jeans and navy blazer. End result…love it! Great pick, Lauren, I owe you some cookies.

To make the look more office-friendly, I balanced the, let’s call it spunky-ness, of the pants with the tailored blazer and low booties. However you decide to style them, I can’t recommend enough that you go get yourself a pair of bright jeans. Whether they’re pink like mine, or in any other fun color like these, bright jeans will make any day a little happier:

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Finally Fall

date 09-06-2011
blazer: J. Crew
scarf: Chinatown, S.F.
sweater: Target
jeans: Old Navy
boots: Old Navy

It’s officially fall now because a) I can wear my blazer/jeans/boots/scarf without sweating and b) I can buy Sam Adams Oktoberfest!! I’ve got my priorities straight, don’t I?

When I woke up this morning and it was 60 degrees and pouring, I knew instantly what I was going to wear. This look is a go-to for me in the fall and winter for work, because it’s polished, but also comfy and warm. The colorful scarf adds a much-needed pop of color.

Do you have a go-to look for cooler months?

And as a special treat for you, here’s one of my outtakes. This is what I have to say to my photographer (hey mom!) when she criticizes my posing skills.

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