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Challenge Accepted

Old Navy  //  blazer H&M (similar) //  pants Old Navy  //  shoes DSW (similar)

Per a comment request (from Lauren), I paired my hot pink jeans and navy blazer. End result…love it! Great pick, Lauren, I owe you some cookies.

To make the look more office-friendly, I balanced the, let’s call it spunky-ness, of the pants with the tailored blazer and low booties. However you decide to style them, I can’t recommend enough that you go get yourself a pair of bright jeans. Whether they’re pink like mine, or in any other fun color like these, bright jeans will make any day a little happier:

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Urban Cowboy

Polo, thrifted  //  jeans Old Navy  //  belt Gap  //  shoes Target

Nothing much to say about this outfit, as it was really just and excuse to introduce these booties to my wardrobe and wear jeans to work on a Wednesday (I’m such a corporate renegade!). To be honest, when I was freelancing, this heels/jeans/button-down look was my uniform. It continues to be my fall-back look when I’m rushing to get out the door.

As for the boots, I’m so excited to have them! I’ve seen similar styles around the blogosphere, and finally found a pair in my price range. Although now that I have them, I seem to be at a loss on how to style them. To remedy that, I’ve been looking to (stalking) style bloggers with similar shoes to get inspiration on how to wear them.

Do you ever find this happening to you?

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Polka Dottie

date 08-24-2011
blazer: Nordstrom Rack
blouse: H&M
shorts: Old Navy
booties: DSW

I just purchased this blouse from H&M, and there was some trepidation at first due to all the volume. Which I often find makes me look hippy-er than I am, but the sheerness of the fabric along with a contrasting cami underneath helps to show off my shape (thanks for the tip mom!). I am really excited to style this top tucked into everything!

Short suits are in style this fall and this was my take on the look. I found that a cheap way to stay on-trend is to pair a blazer and shorts that you already own in dark solids. No one has to know that you bought them from different places!

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