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Put a pin in it

dress Forever 21 (similar)  //  blazer H&M (similar)  // belt Marshalls (similar)
Old Navy (similar)  //  bracelet Shopthelook.net (similar)

I’m gettin’ all fancy with the twirlin’

This outfit was directly inspired by the most popular pin in my whole Pinterest account. When I first noticed all the pins, I couldn’t figure out why, what is essentially a drive-by shot in an Urban Outfitters, was so well-liked. But having worn my own version, I totally see it now. It’s such a versatile look, it just depends on how many sundresses and blazers you have! This also infinitely expanded my work wardrobe and it lets me wear all the summer dresses I’ve been missing since starting corporate life.

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My friends are the best

date 09-14-2011
cardigan: Target
belt: Thrifted
dress: Forever 21
wedges: DSW
earrings: Alchemists

No post yesterday because I was having an AWESOME time hanging out with the boy and friends yesterday. Lauren cooked us a homemade meal that was delicious and we hung out on her porch drinking beer and listening to the neighbors’ Lady Gaga marathon.

This is what I wore to work and was comfy enough that I didn’t change before heading over for dinner. Simple, no fuss.

(Also, the pictures are not the same because I’m installing CS5 and my Photoshop isn’t working just yet.)

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Birds of a feather

date 08-05-2011
dress: Target
sandals: RackRoom
belt: Forever21
necklace: Shopthelook.net

I am so lucky to have a boy that enjoys feeding my fashion appetite. I was drooling over this dress at Target, but had to do the responsible thing (yuk!) and forgo the purchase. Just as I’m sulking away, he grabs it off the rack and puts it in his basket. How sweet is he?

I’ve been wanting to branch out into more color and patterns in my wardrobe and this dress definitely fits the bill! The fabric is lightweight so it’s excellent for summer, but I can also see styling it with my black desert boots and some jewel-toned tights for fall. Which, by the way, can’t come fast enough.

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