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Easy Breezy

dress: PacSun
belt: Target
sandals: RackRoom
bracelet: Forever21

When it’s 110 degrees outside I want to wear as little as possible. But when you work in an office, walking around in your underwear is frowned upon, unless you work in the studio across from us. No seriously! They sell exotic men’s underwear and they have their photo shoots in the building.

But enough about the hunky men. This dress was the definition of an impulse-buy. I saw it on the rack as I walked up to the register and had a moment of longing, but resisted because I’m trying to be a good girl and not spend too much money. But when my bathing suit rang up at $14 I literally turned around, grabbed the dress and slapped it down on the counter. And I’m so happy I did! It’s like an awesome cubist polka-dot dress.

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Ode to Japanese fashion…

It’s no secret to those near and dear to me that I’ve had a love affair with the dayglo, FRUITS-style look of Harajuku street-fashion. And I seriously think that my weekends would be filled with outfits like this if I could pull it off.
I absolutely applaud those confident boys and girls out there who rock this look. Unfortunately, this is a style that requires full commitment; it’s not something you can dip your toe into every once in a while. But if it were more acceptable to do so here in the US, I would totally wear 4 bows in my hair at once.
all images via { Jane Marple, 6%DokiDoki & Resale. }
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NYFW: Kate Spade RTW Fall 2011

I will admit that I am a latecomer to the fabulocity that is Kate Spade clothing (I have loved her purses for years, though). My favorite elements are the bright tights, paired both with neutral and equally bright outfits, and the round-toed pumps. But most of all the pumps, with their adorable bows, fun colors and prints (zebra!), and updated heel-height. I may have to save up for a pair.
I can totally imagine Chuck from Pushing Daisies wearing all of these looks. Especially the cloche hats for when she visits the morgue. If you haven’t seen Pushing Daisies, your life is incomplete.

{ all images via Women’s Wear Daily }

There’s a little Chuck for comparison after the jump. Continue reading
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