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Future DIY

I’ve seen this skirt floating around the Pintersphere (pinterverse?) as well as the blogosphere, and fall more in love with it every time I come upon it. The price, however, is not so friendly. At $115, I just can’t bring myself to hit the checkout button. Partially because I think it would be easy enough to make.

So, Mom (I know you read this!), start looking around work for awning-striped fabric and work on your box-pleating– we’ve got a new project to tackle! Just don’t buy the yellow stripes please, I don’t want to blend in with my drapes.

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Family Perks

Bits&Bows // Family Perks 001
tee Old Navy // cardigan Old Navy  //  skirt handmade by mom (with fabric from Ufab) //  shoes Old Navy
Btis&Bows // Family Perks 003

Isn’t this the most fantastic skirt ever!? My mom surprised me when I came home this weekend with a yard or so of this great navy-and-white damask patterned fabric. Then she kicked up the awesome-meter a notch by offering to sew me a skirt (she’s the best isn’t she?). We loosely based the pattern on a paper-bag style skirt we saw at j. crew. Made it more work-friendly by sewing it more like a pencil skirt. The most comfortable pencil skirt EVER that is.

I’m so lucky to have a mom who can sew AND who works at a kick-ass fabric store here in Richmond. If you’re ever in the area, go check out Ufab.

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Lessons Learned

tee Old Navy  //  skirt jc penny (similar) //  belt Forever 21 //
Target (similar) // shoes Gap

Weirdly, one of the great things about taking photos of your self (almost) every day is that you learn what looks good and what doesn’t. This, my dear readers, is one of those doesn’t-look-good moments. In my head, I have a longer torso and smaller butt and this outfit looked way better. Also, the scarf and belt were too much. I would have been better off with a long necklace and skinny (or no) belt. I love the shoes though. So that’s something right?

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