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Future DIY

I’ve seen this skirt floating around the Pintersphere (pinterverse?) as well as the blogosphere, and fall more in love with it every time I come upon it. The price, however, is not so friendly. At $115, I just can’t bring myself to hit the checkout button. Partially because I think it would be easy enough to make.

So, Mom (I know you read this!), start looking around work for awning-striped fabric and work on your box-pleating– we’ve got a new project to tackle! Just don’t buy the yellow stripes please, I don’t want to blend in with my drapes.

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My friends are the best

date 09-14-2011
cardigan: Target
belt: Thrifted
dress: Forever 21
wedges: DSW
earrings: Alchemists

No post yesterday because I was having an AWESOME time hanging out with the boy and friends yesterday. Lauren cooked us a homemade meal that was delicious and we hung out on her porch drinking beer and listening to the neighbors’ Lady Gaga marathon.

This is what I wore to work and was comfy enough that I didn’t change before heading over for dinner. Simple, no fuss.

(Also, the pictures are not the same because I’m installing CS5 and my Photoshop isn’t working just yet.)

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Rainy Daze

date 09-07-2011

jacket: Marshalls
top: Gap
jeans: Old Navy
wellies: Sporto Duck boots

Today was another wonderfully rainy day. Although it was a bit muggy and humid, so I went with something a little lighter. Simple, bright; it actually came out better than I thought it had. Sometimes I spend so much time trying to come up with outfits that are trendy, or fashionable, that I forget that the simplest things can be the best.

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