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Challenge Accepted

Old Navy  //  blazer H&M (similar) //  pants Old Navy  //  shoes DSW (similar)

Per a comment request (from Lauren), I paired my hot pink jeans and navy blazer. End result…love it! Great pick, Lauren, I owe you some cookies.

To make the look more office-friendly, I balanced the, let’s call it spunky-ness, of the pants with the tailored blazer and low booties. However you decide to style them, I can’t recommend enough that you go get yourself a pair of bright jeans. Whether they’re pink like mine, or in any other fun color like these, bright jeans will make any day a little happier:

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Lessons Learned

tee Old Navy  //  skirt jc penny (similar) //  belt Forever 21 //
Target (similar) // shoes Gap

Weirdly, one of the great things about taking photos of your self (almost) every day is that you learn what looks good and what doesn’t. This, my dear readers, is one of those doesn’t-look-good moments. In my head, I have a longer torso and smaller butt and this outfit looked way better. Also, the scarf and belt were too much. I would have been better off with a long necklace and skinny (or no) belt. I love the shoes though. So that’s something right?

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